Give your network a voice

Water quality data is transformed and interpretted into information that tells you what you need to know about your network, when you need to know.

That's a conversation worth having


Our system processes and analyses data collected by the Intellisonde probes and other devies to ensure that you don't just receive data, but intelligence. Using smart algorithms to detect events and calculate useful metrics about your water quality, we can give you greater visibility of your network.

This is data driven intelligence

Our Process

Once the intellisonde probes have sent their data back to our servers, the intelligent algorithms get to work. These process the data, analysing it for events and other key information to ensure that, if something happens you will be alerted.

What is an event?

This could be planned maintenance that generates a disturbance or a change in turbidity or disinfection levels, or even a pipe break; there are many potential issues facing a water network on a day-to-day basis. With our intelligent algorithms monitoring your data you will be alerted when you need to be.

More than event detection

Our intelligent algorithms do more than just detect events, they also process data into easy to interpret formats. This gives you the information you need in an accessible form meaning you can understand your network at a glance.

The Future

We're constantly developing and pushing forward, with many projects ongoing to give you more information about life in your network. When an event occurs, our goal is to help you know what happened, when, where and who it will affect.