Gain Insight into your network

Data interpretted and displayed, a system where hardware and software communicate in a language that's intelligent and concise.

Your network as you've never seen it before


Insight is our system that combines Intelligent data processing with a user-friendly display. It doesn't just display information, water quality events can be reviewed and analysed in detail, reports can be prepared of your network performance all through a fully customisable interface.

Intelligence is nothing without Insight

  • Dashboard

    With a dashboard at the heart of Insight's web interface, your current network status is always updating right in front of you. Our visual graphics allow you to see the information you need helping you check your network at a glance or examine it in depth.

  • Analysis

    Insight can enable clear and concise analysis of the information you want to know about, whether that's for a specific site or across your whole network, an overview of performance or a more in-depth technical review. All presented with easily understood graphics ready for you to digest.

  • Detailed Graphs

    For a more in-depth analysis of the data, Insight has detailed graphing capabilities. The graphs are interactive allowing zooming in on specific regions, adjustment of scales, choice of parameters and plotting of past data; making them an ideal tool for examining your water quality data.

  • Event History

    All past and present events and water baseline changes can be viewed in Insight's event history, ensuring you have visibility of the issues facing your network; managing more efficiently from source to tap water quality to your customers.