This is the Intellisonde

Multi-point Embedded Calibration Direct Insertion Sonde and Data Logger for permanent deployment.
No chemicals or membranes.

The Intellisonde provides a substantial advance in the long term real-time monitoring of water quality.

A system approach
  • Unique Unique sensor technology combined with factory embedded software minimises on-site calibration.
  • Proactive Proactive management of pipe networks (flushing, disinfection, trend analysis, trouble shooting).
  • Monitoring Network monitoring to support operational efficiencies, sampling frequency and chemical cost reduction.
  • Understanding Better understanding of quality and make up of water delivered for industrial and domestic consumers.
  • Integration Integration with existing systems to improve event classification and data validation.

11 parameters monitored

The embedded calibrations are multi-point increasing accuracy across the range.

These advances help eliminate uncertainty resulting from on-site calibration errors and substantially reduce the time and cost of on-site installation and calibration. The Intellisonde operates without chemicals or membranes and has eleven water quality parameters available for configuration. Each probe can be individually

configured to suit its location in the network. Insertion in most cases is directly into the water pipe, providing the most accurate point to monitor and control water quality. The Intellisonde represents a major leap forward in network monitoring.


The monitoring of single parameters in the network can result in detecting such events as pockets of stagnant water through temperature monitoring or locating leaks and burst pipes through flow and pressure variations. However

the real-time monitoring of a combination of parameters in addition to visualising and analysing their interrelationship aids in a greater understanding of network dynamics to ultimately assist in improving efficiency.


Understanding the network dynamics will help address customer satisfaction issues before they arise. Continuous real-time monitoring immediately alerts to a problem before customer complaints come in. The multi-parameter data can also help predict trends and the likely

occurrence of an event. With the aid of Intellisonde data you can reduce customer complaints on cloudy or discoloured water through informed decisions made for timely management and maintenance.


Water quality issues can be attributed to age and condition of the pipes allowing potentially harmful matter, bacteria and microorganisms to make their way into the network, an indicator being a potential reduction in oxygen levels. In the

majority of networks with the disinfection managed through residuals of either free chlorine or monochloramine, Intellisonde monitoring enables improved disinfection control ensuring healthy water arrives at customer taps.


Different sources of water have unique conductivity and pH characteristics and when multiple sources of supply are available in a network there mixing produces definitive data profiles. Comparison of these and other

Intellisonde parameter data is ideal for identifying variations and changes in water quality be they planned or as a result of impurities. The Intellisonde not only assists in network management but also Water Security.


To address public health concerns Intellitect offers three Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE), one of which can be configured on an Intellisonde. For those utilities using water fluoridation for the enhancement of dental public health a Fluoride ISE is available to monitor levels and assist in

control. Ammonium and Nitrate ISE’s are available for those utilities to manage and control harmful levels to tackle not only public health concerns but also environmental obligations.

Low cost Installation & Ownership

Reagent-free and membrane-less technology the Intellisonde can be installed into a distribution system and be providing water quality data.

The sonde can fit into large pressurised pipes or down to a minimum 4” (100mm) diameter pipe. A threaded extension is located on a standard valve. An adjustable collar allows the sonde to be set to a pre-determined depth, with the optimum being in the centre of the flow.

The embedded calibrations and reagent and membrane less technology substantially reduces the time and cost of on-site installation, maintenance and calibration compared to traditional technologies.

Power is provided via an external IP68 battery pack or 24V DC power supply. Due to advanced low power consumption technology the Intellisonde is able to run on the recommended battery supply for up to six months contributing to low cost of ownership.

Communication Interfaces Supported
Ethernet: TCP/IP
RS232/RS485: Modbus RTU/SCADA
Analogue Outputs: Voltage Range 0-2.5V

Data Logging
Up to eleven parameters measured and logged at intervals from 1/minute to 1/hour
Transmission in real time (via GPRS)
Data sent to TCP/IP address anywhere on the internet

Data can be retrieved directly into SCADA or other systems via serial or analogue outputs, or transmitted remotely using a built-in GPRS modem, which can transmit historical data from an internal logger or relay real-time values. GPRS transmissions can be set to meet operational conditions and needs.

Intellisonde: Specification

Parameter Performance
Temperature 0 - 50°C
Flow 0 to 2 m/s
Free Chlorine 0 to 5mg/l
Mono-chloramine 0 to 5mg/l
Dissolved Oxygen 0 to 100% saturation
pH 2 to 12
ORP -1.0 to +1.0 volt
Conductivity 20 to 10,000 μS/cm
Turbidity 0 to 50 NTU
(4 -20mA input external transducer)
0 to 25 bar
- Ammonium
- Fluoride
- Nitrate
0.1 to 20 mg/l