We are Intellitect

We were established in 2005 with the aim of revolutionising the measurement of potable and industrial waters in pipes, treatment works and waste processes.

Where industry and the environment meet we work to ensure water network quality in-pipe using advanced technology.

Intellitect is internationally recognised in the area of potable water quality within water distribution systems. This is a vital last line of defence in ensuring that high quality water fit for human consumption is delivered at our taps. However the infrastructure used to deliver this vital service is ageing, deteriorating and buried.

While it is known that distribution systems degrade the high quality product produced from modern water treatment works, little is known about how, when and where.This is primarily due to a reliance on discrete sampling and laboratory analysis that cannot provide an insight into the complexity and the spatial and temporal diversity of reactions and interactions occurring.

Using Intellisondes captured real-time data that can be remotely transmitted to anywhere in the world we offer a solution to these issues.

We call it Liquid Data Transfer

Our International Partners

  • Australia
  • Switzerland
    & Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Hungary
  • Romania
  • United Arab
  • Qatar
  • China