We call it liquid data transfer

The Intellisonde is a water quality monitoring probe that can be inserted In-Pipe to capture and report real-time data across up to 11 individual sensors, transmitting measurements direct to desktops and mobile devices or integration with existing SCADA infrastructure.

When used throughout distribution networks, the Intellisonde provides a water monitoring system that ensures consistent quality from treatment to tap.


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Our Product: The Intellisonde


An In-Pipe multi-parameter measurement device that opens up the possibility of live water quality monitoring and real-time system management.


Proactive Asset Management; the Intellisonde for the first time will enable water utilities to monitor trends and quality events in real-time from treatment to tap ensuring customers receive safe water.


Understand your network

& Analysis

Detection & Analysis

The Intellisonde provides unprecedented in-pipe data pertaining to the quality of drinking water.

By matching Intellisondes to advanced and automated analytics it is feasible that an integrated system can be developed to safeguard the quality of drinking water.

& Monitoring

Measurement & Monitoring

High quality water leaving treatment facilities generally deteriorates as it travels through extensive, often convoluted, distribution networks.

Detection of water quality events before customers are affected is paramount to prevent possible public health impacts.

Why does
water quality

Why Does Water Quality Change?

Water leaving the treatment works deteriorates as it travels along the pipe network.

A number of the quality issues can be attributed to the age and condition of the pipes in the network from which matter is introduced into the water.

Reshaping Distribution Networks

Reshaping Distribution
Network Asset Management

With Intellitect you are now able to continually measure parameters in-pipe in real-time providing an end-to end system of measurement, communication and data analytics that will help water utilities in the management and control of their networks.

How it works: The 8 Steps Concept

Step 01

Assess & Review

The first step is to assess the network and scope for potential insertion points for the Intellisonde. The assessment document is then reviewed and the most effective locations agreed.

Step 02

Insertion & Set Up

Once the locations have been agreed the Intellisondes are inserted into the network and set up. Each Intellisonde can be configured individually to measure and monitor only the parameters you require.

Step 03

An Event in the Network

The Intellisondes constantly monitor the network for any changes in water quality. If an event is detected an alarm can be raised to notify the operator.

Step 04

Operator Notification

The operator gets an instant notification of the location and nature of the problem via a graphical user interface direct to their desktop, mobile device or SCADA infrastructure.

Step 05

In-Pipe Distribution Network Monitoring

The Intellisonde is designed for direct in-pipe measurement and monitoring providing real-time data that can be interpreted and acted upon.

Step 06

Trend & Event Analysis

By matching the Intellisonde to advanced analytics it is feasible that an integrated system can help predict trends and the likely occurrence of events, saving time, costs and avoiding customer complaints.

Step 07

Normal Operation

When the event is cleared the Intellisonde returns to normal operation and continues to monitor the network.

Step 08

Pro Active Asset Management

Real time event data is saved and archived for process analysis to better understand your network.